SIGMA is the flagship event of LUMS Students Mathematics Society, organized in collaboration with the Mathematics Department at Lahore University of Management Sciences.

SIGMA '19 will be held in LUMS over three days, 8th, 9th and 10th of February 2019. It will comprise of various competitions ranging from basic arithmetic to puzzles that require far-fetched logical and mathematical reasoning.

Students must be between ages 15-20 and each school can send up to five teams, consisting of three to five students each. Furthermore, there is no limit to the number of private teams. There will be a trophy for the overall winning team, shields for winners of individual events and Certificate of Participation for all other students.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the date of the event?
8th, 9th and 10th February 2019.

Where is the event happening?
It is taking place in Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).

How should my team register?
You can register by logging on to https://register.lums.edu.pk/ and fill in the registration form for SIGMA '18.

What is the registration fee?
Registration fees is Rs 2500 per team member.

What is the delegation fee?
Registration fees is Rs 100 per team.

How many members should my team have?
Your team should consist of 3-5 members.

What is the last date to register?
The last date to register is 15th of January 2019.

What is the last date to make the payment?
The last date to make payment is 15th of February 2019.

What is the method of payment?
A fee voucher will be generated once you successfully submit all your details on the online registration portal https://register.lums.edu.pk/. You will be able to make the payment either online or through cash, Pay Order and Bank Drafts made in favour of "Lahore University of Management Sciences". Further details and alternate procedures can be found on the voucher once it is generated

Is SIGMA 2019 providing accommodation for out of city participants?
Unfortunately we cannot provide you with accommodation but we will suggest places to all the interested teams.

Where can I find information about the individual events?
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Exciting and Fun events that you will wanna never stop playing


Members will logon to kahoot app through computers in IST, only one person from every team will require to login but the students will work in teams to answer the following questions. Teams will be given questions that they will have to solve in a race against time.


Each team gets 3 minutes and 3 passes (assuming we have 60 teams and 3 the words which have been assigned to them without using a host of related words, which have been pre-determined.


Hitori is a logic puzzle. It is played with a grid of squares or cells, with each cell initially containing a number. The game is played by eliminating squares/numbers and this is done by blacking them out. The objective is to transform the grid to a state following provided rules.

Crack The Data/Image

This event is more like "Guess the Character" game. In this event, the participants must guess the name of the scientist. The image of the scientist will be hidden behind some given equations or logic questions which the participants must answer correctly to unveil the picture.

Scandal/Scavenger Hunt

This will be a scavenger hunt-like event where teams will have to solve a murder mystery by looking for clues all around LUMS. Solving a question will give them the next clue.

Minute to win it

The event will be comprised of generic Math questions, with a bit of logic and trick behind it which the participants must answer in a span of 60 seconds. It will consist of two rounds with the shift in level from easy to difficult. The first round will be rapid fire where each participant from every team will answer questions within a span of 60 seconds.

Choose your Fate

This game will consist of 3 rounds. In the first round everyone will be given the same question. The team that solves the question first will get leverage in the second round. The second round consist of questions of different categories. Every time a team chooses a question from a category, the choice of question diminishes the team that wins the first round will be given a choice to solve any one question from the different categories available. The team which came second will have to choose from the choice of questions that are left and so on. The third will follow in which every team will be choose the question from different categories through chits and will have to solve that question.

Ring A Bell

Buzzer Round will be held between the top 8 teams and will have 2 rounds. After the first round 2 more teams will be eliminated, leaving 4 teams. The questions will get progressively harder. This event will be decisive. It will determine the top 3 teams which will receive the trophies and medals.


Social Events

Details about the Carnival and the Formal Dinner will be shared shortly. Stay Tuned for more excitement coming your wayyy!


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