Our Team

Executive Council

A group of talent and versatile individuals who strive to fulfill the aim and vision of society by leading a team of math enthusiasts

Abdullah Bin Ahsan

Umaira Noor

Uzair Mustafa

Fareeha Mohsin

Taha Sardar

Conveners SIGMA & Directors Events

The conveners are responsible for the start to end execution of the SIGMA and the events department is responsible for designing and ensuring smooth functioning of all society events

Mariam Ali

Muhammad Ahson Hassan

Ayesha Fazal Lashkarwala

Fariha Hassan

Assistant Directors Events

Ahmad Mahmood

Kehar Khan

Wahaj Ayub

Directors Media and IT & Directors Promotion and Publications

Media and IT department is responsible for all media and design work and Promotion and Publications department is responsible for taking care of all the print and digital publications by the society

Abdullah Naveed

Aroosa Masroor

Bilal Ahmed Khan Niazi

Ajwa Shahid

Directors Social Responsibility Program & Directors Marketing

Social Responsibility Program is being initiated by the LUMS students Mathematics society to fulfill the responsibility that we have towards the society we live in. The marketing department is responsible for negotiating deals with various organizations to act as sponsors for LSMS events

Fatima Sohail

Muhammad Baqir

Hammad Ahmed

Sheharyar Khalid

Directors Logistics & Directors Humman Resourses

The logistics department is responsible for fulfilling the logistical requirements of all departments and events including the socials. Human Resourses department is responsible for effective communication among the entire general body

Abdullah Nisar

Neha Nadeem

Karan Kumar

Ali Usama

Directors Registration and External Promotion

Registration and External Promotion department is responsible for facilitating the registrations process for both internal and external events

Muhammad Ibrahim

Omer Mohayudin